Mary, Queen of Apostles Parish

Parish Pastoral Council

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Parish Pastoral Council

MEMBERS 2014-2015

The Parish  Council is entrusted with the task of reflecting on the parish’s vision and mission. In a spirit of service to the community the Pastoral Council works with the parish priest and members of the parish team to foster and support appropriate pastoral action.
The Parish Council is a consultative body whose purpose is to meet with the parish priest and those responsible for the pastoral care in the parish to discern and discuss the mission of the parish community. The Council is made up of twelve parishioners and others, such as the parish priest , who are members because of the office they hold (ex officio members). Members serve for a term of four years with nominations for six new members every two years.


Alan Caldow

Belinda Cudaj

Lance Eccles: Secretary

Doug Hutchinson

Fiona McKillop

Elizabeth Sciberras: Chair person

Daniel Vieira


The Parish Council meets with Fr Dermid each month to support him in managing the challenges of such a large and diverse community.